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  2. L.G. Code

    1. Own your badassness.

    you are exceptional, and you know it.  share yourself only where appropriate in order to stave off confusion/negativity.

    2. Be yourself, unabashedly.

    you are an introvert.  feel free to celebrate and indulge that quality about yourself; it’s just the way you are.  instruct people on how to take you, and hold them responsible for the knowledge you’ve shared.  their reactions to your quirkiness will show you where to place them in your life.

    3. Assert yourself proactively.

    be upfront, and speak the truth early and often.  call people out when you need to, regardless of how they’ll respond.  you can handle whatever they’re bringing; you’re on some other level shit.

    4. Direct your energy. 

    "if you don’t like something, change it.  if you can’t change it, change your attitude."  your mind is the master of your universe.  keep it positive, expansive, and serene.

    5. Take the lead.

    navigate your own path, and invite only those who contribute positively along for the ride.  you have always been a leader, never a follower…keep it that way.  you are going places, and anyone who is on board with you will reap benefits from the seeds you’re planting.

    6. Only make love.

    pretty much every guy who crosses your path wants to put his dick in you.  look before you leap…you’re too rich for the blood of most of them.  do not fuck around with lames or player types.  patiently wait until you find a compatible grown man who respects and values you, then make love with him.

    7. Love the haters.

    many people, especially women, will envy you.  their jealousy will influence the way they receive and treat you.  expect this, and treat them kindly anyway.

    8. Respect all life.

    we are all part of one organism, and we each have a significant function within it.  every living thing is worthy of respect.


  3. My Frame & Core


    You are a radiant young woman, one who contributes and attracts greatness. Others find your presence delightful, and people are impressed with you everywhere you go. You are far beyond average, both mentally and physically. You will undoubtedly create and nurture a talented, productive, loving family, and your offspring will be attractive and intelligent like you are. Men see this, and they want you. Women see this, and they admire you. It is your responsibility to share your light with those whose eyes are open to it. You are a luminous [brilliant, enlightened] being. Let your light shine.


    Protect your light. You must keep your heart and mind healthy; it is your duty to yourself and the world. Anyone or anything that becomes a hindrance to your progress must be cast aside. Your open and forgiving nature is a wonderful thing, but you are also responsible for carefully guarding yourself. Be vigilant, and always do what is healthy for you. Your soul is too precious and valuable for you to allow anyone/anything to injure or kill it, so be a fierce protector of it. In short, remove all fucks given from those people and situations that don’t deserve your energy, and choose your company wisely.


  4. I am…

    lovelyhaving a beauty that appeals to the heart or mind as well as to the eye; attractive or beautiful especially in a graceful way

    magnetichaving great power to attract and hold the interest of other people; a force of energy

    creative: having the ability or power to create; full of imagination and original ideas

    brilliantextremely intelligent; distinguished

    open: accepting; knowledge-seeking; expressing the truth; transparent

    honest: of good and truthful character

    strongable to withstand great force or pressure

    flexible: capable of bending easily without breaking; adaptable

    resilientable to become strong, healthy, and successful again after any harmful or negative incident

    introverted: turning inward; predominantly concerned with and interested in one’s own mental life

    eccentric: strange and unusual

    sensualarousing gratification of the senses and physical, especially sexual, pleasure

    Epicureanfond of or adapted to luxury; appreciating the finer things

    sweet: gentle, kind, and friendly

    delicate: high quality; sensitive; exquisite  

    optimistichopeful and confident about the future

    passionatehaving, showing, and/or expressing strong emotions and beliefs

    beautifulaesthetically pleasing; of a very high standard; excellent


  5. motown.

    that’s more like it :)

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  6. everyone sees it. don’t be the person who only cares about that one who didn’t notice.


  7. don’t let ‘em steal the fire.

  8. Bobby: Whatchoo gone play now?

    James: Bobby, I don’t know. But whatever I play, it’s about to be funky.


  9. Notes from the Inside: On Living Buddha, Living Christ pp. 1-21

    I am a living thing.  That, in and of itself, makes me beautiful.  Every cell in my body is full of the spirit and glory of God.

    I am capable.  Capable of changing; capable of succeeding; capable of impacting.  In fact, I am doing these things every time I open my eyes in the morning and take my first conscious breath of the day.  Each day is a new birth, a new opportunity.  Each day, as I make myself better, I make the world better.

    Everything is connected.  All living things are vessels of God’s energy.  The Holy Spirit is in all of us.  Understanding this makes giving love natural and easy.  Remember that.  All living things deserve love, respect, and justice.

    Even though we are all one and the same, we are each unique as well.  No two creatures look exactly the same or think exactly alike.  We each serve a purpose in this world and have a unique contribution to make to it.  There is a reason for our differences, and all varieties are beautiful and necessary.  God manifests himself in many ways.

    As an essential part of this universe, I am obligated to take responsibility for my growth.  Every day should be about growth.  Mental, emotional, and physical health must be priorities.  This is the only way I can impact the world positively and breathe life into it as it breathes life into me.

    Love.  It’s the very reason why we’re here; yet, we misunderstand and misrepresent love constantly.  We tend to look at love as something we dole out to a precious few, worthy individuals- a large factor in worthiness being reciprocity.  ”Does he show me love in return? No? Then I must take my love away from him.”  We treat love like a transaction and a commodity to be hoarded.

    Instead, look at love as a being that lives inside of you.  Its luminous energy thrives in your heart, washing over you first, and then everyone who crosses your path.  Let love speak to you and transform you into a better, stronger vessel every day.  Feel that love inside of you and know that it is there for you.  It is not something you need to search for; you already have it in abundance.  Accept its embrace, and then share it.

    Your life will then be fruitful.  Your growth will be an inspiration.  Your love will make the world a better place, and your energy will remain long after you are gone.

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